“I’d like to have a testosterone and adrenaline shot, please.”

Just what you need to be a true champion

 –         Hello, how may I help you?

“I’d like to have a testosterone and adrenaline shot, please.” I said and the doctor looked at me like I was crazy.

Excuse me if I am!!! But you have to be a little crazy to be a racing driver… particularly if you’re a woman. Thing is, I heard on the news about how male ability to perform in the face of competition increases, and it’s a small matter of hormones. While competing men get a testosterone and adrenaline rush which combined gives them an extra bit of power. It’s just like F1 KERS.

Well, I want my 80 extra horsepower too. Because even if I work my ass off for years and eventually I manage to get myself a F1 seat, it’s very hard to make a difference. Not even if I have a great talent like Lella Lombardi – 17 races in two Formula 1 seasons and the first woman to have scored a championship point in a Formula One racing. Not even if I’m some sort of legend like Desire Wilson becoming the only woman to win an F1 race of any kind in 1980.


 Because when it comes down to racing on a F1 level every little bit helps. Due to genetics there is a gender gap whether we like it or not. However it doesn’t mean I won’t try and do my best and be as competitive as I can… but I will always have to keep in mind that there are very few empty seats in this sport and be realistic about it. Choosing between a car with or without KERS they will probably pick the full equipped one …but who knows regulation in Formula One changes almost every year. So never give up.




———    One way or another, woman in motorsport is worth admiring.    ———-

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