Does an F1 driver worth less than JLo’s butt??

Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs, 100 million euros. Jennifer Lopez’s butt, 3,5 million euros. Iker Casillas’ hands, 7,5 million euros. Angelina Jolie’s lips 1 million euros. Losing your lead driver in a pre-season accident… priceless. And letting it happen twice…stupid.


From JLo's butt to common sense


Following Kimi Raikkonen’s accident on the Swatch Snow Mobile race, the wisdom of allowing F1 drivers to take part in risky extra-curricular has been called into question… again. Formula One’s fans got that dejavú feeling last saturday when they heard about IceMan being involved in a snow mobile accident. It was like living Robert Kubica‘s accident all over again.

Yeah right! Kimi’s injury wasn’t as bad as Robert’s but still. We could recall Niki Lauda‘s comments on Kubica and his words will work just as good. A week after the Polish driver crashed Lauda criticised Robert Kubica for endangering his career in formula 1. He said Lotus Renault should have banned participate in this type of event, although he drew himself pilot as solely responsible for the accident: “He has to ensure that it is able to work and his work is the formula.” “Only he is to blame for what has happened“.

And ten months after… Raikkonen almost put his first season since comeback in serious danger after he got involved in a skidoo accident. Lotus F1 Team (Lotus Renault), you have already been here so it’s time to put your thinking caps on!!!!

I believe it’s a matter of common sense (Yes, I know..  common sense, the least common of the senses). Have a look at any other sport… they don’t allow their team members to take part in in dangerous extra-curricular activities that may cost them dearly. F1 drivers are expensive assets and in my opinion, teams should not allow drivers to indulge in dangerous activities…. what do you reckon??


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